Hotmail Email Outage

We do not know what’s caused it, but it is most likely a cyberwar with aliens living in our midst

Some unknowable terror has struck in the centre from the 21st century’s communications infrastructure, as complaints mount concerning the global unavailability of Microsoft services, including and authentication.

Has got the cyberwar using the aliens begun? We are unsure. All we all know only at that initial phase from the terrible and supreme conflict that will unquestionably soon leave all of us ruefully regretting the bitterness that we easily drank our morning coffees would be that the first victim was potential leader from the resistance, Microsoft.

Official word on the reason for the devastation is not forthcoming. Users also have were not impressed with Microsoft online authentication, reporting it “appears to become crashing out partway through whenever you go into the password”.

One of the victims is our very own Tim Anderson, although because of the insufficient authentication services we know he might happen to be substituted with among the new alien opponents now controlling what had formerly been his slice of Microsoft’s estate.

The outage follows hot around the heels from the great S3izure of 2017, by which an AWS region went offline due to an incorrectly joined command, a minimum of based on reports, which we’ve no concrete evidence weren’t released by aliens get yourself ready for an intergalactic cyberwar.

A Microsoft spokesperson told The Register: “We know about reports that quite a few users are getting difficulty logging into websites with a services. We’re investigating this problem.”

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