Exchange Online works pretty much

The content trace feature within Exchange Online works pretty much but could be a challenge if you wish to search with different particular email subject. Inside a scenario where you’d like to learn who received an e-mail or some emails, you need to employ some methods so that you can query considerable amounts of logs.

The script below enables you to definitely explore a topic or variants of the subject returning X length of time. The output is logged to some CSV file showing the facts from the trace log entry. Among the common limitations that organizations uncover when deploying Exchange On the internet weblink is the lack of ability of users to self-manage distribution groups which are synchronized.

I’ve discussed this previously including assembling a workaround for environments which have Exchange 2013 on-premises. However, if you would like users so that you can do what they’ve always done and manage Distribution Groups via Outlook, individuals groups will have to be gone to live in the cloud.

The limitation is basically that objects which are synced from on-premises are only able to be modified within the on-premises AD. Whenever a user attempts to modify a Distribution Group via Outlook, it’s attempting to customize the object within the cloud Global Address List (Woman) and never the on-premises one. Consequently, the operation fails.

Moving the Distribution Group involves recreating the audience within the cloud Woman however there are several attributes like the emails that can’t be duplicated. Which means you have to export the existing groups configuration, take away the old group after which produce the new group.

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